What are secret sins?

“For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

—Ecclesiastes 12:14

Secrets, we are all familiar with them and we all have them. Things we don’t want others to know. Things we try to hide or deny. Areas in our lives we protect at all costs even if it means we tell an occasional lie, fudge the truth, or omit vital information.

Sound familiar?

What’s a secret?

They are things we conceal or hide from view or from being known.

What is sin?

A sin is when we miss the way, go the wrong direction, become unclean, miss the mark, are brought into condemnation or incur guilt.

How does God define secret sins?

Anything that is done which causes us to miss the mark and we conceal it is deemed a secret sin. God’s view is comprehensive it includes deeds, works, labors, pursuits, enterprises, undertakings, achievements, products, works, accomplishments, observations, celebrations, things we attend to, things we use, acquire, prepare, institute, offer, and actions that cause effect.

Are secret sins beneficial to us?

No. Secret sins are not beneficial to us they dim us. They cause us to grow dark.

What do they reveal about us?

This depends on what we choose to do when our secret sins are exposed. If we hide them then we have chosen to part ways with God. If we confess and repent then we establish ourselves as one of God’s children of light.

What does God expect us to do about them?

God expects us to expose them by judging them. If we refuse to do it he has assured us he will.

As a believer, it’s our duty to live in the light exposing every area of darkness as we follow Christ Jesus. The sad fact is, not every believer will do it. Some will decide to hold on to the sin. Others will choose to believe a lie, that they have no secret sins. The wise however, will wage war with the enemy from within and grow brighter as they are transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.

We are corrupted not by things on the outside but by the things we allow to live, dwell and grown on the inside. Those things that are not visible to the public.

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