Overcomer’s Challenge

With every New Year we usually make resolutions. Our bucket list includes all the things we would like to see, do, or accomplish. Often they include things that we would like to get rid of as well. 

This year determine to overcome every besetting sin especially those sins which are unknown or hidden from others. Include all those that have held you bound for decades, those that cause frustration, irritation, produce shame or condemnation. 

Over the next 15 days we will journey together toward victory. The 15-day challenge is a good way to catapult your spiritual growth.

To start the Overcome Secret Sins 15 Day Challenge click here.

If you desire a more intensive challenge get a copy of Overcome Secret Sins in 15 Days. This book includes daily devotionals, lessons, prayer and a digging deeper challenge.

15 Days to overcome your secret sins

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