Secrets . . . we are all familiar with them and we all have them. Things we don’t want others to know. Things we try to hide or deny. They are areas in our lives we desire to protect at all costs even if it means telling an occasional lie, fudging the truth, or omitting vital information.

Sound familiar?

What is a secret?

They are things we conceal or hide from view or from being known.

What is sin?

Sin is anything that causes us to miss the narrow way of God. It is when we go in the wrong direction, become unclean, miss the mark, are brought into condemnation or incur guilt. It is failing to select the better choice or option in any given situation.

How does God define secret sins?

Anything done, which causes us to miss the mark and we conceal or hide it, is deemed a secret sin.

God’s view of secret sins is comprehensive, it includes deeds, works, labors, pursuits, enterprises, undertakings, achievements, products, works, accomplishments, observations, celebrations, things we attend to, things we use, acquire, prepare, institute, offer, and actions that cause effect.

Are secret sins beneficial to us?

No! Secret sins are not beneficial to us. They diminish our glory, taint our witness, reflect poorly on God and cause us to grow dark.

What do secret sins reveal about us?

This depends on what we choose to do when our secret sins are exposed. If we hide them then we have chosen to part ways with God. If we confess and repent then we establish ourselves as one of God’s children of light.

What does God expect us to do about our secret sins?

God expects us to expose them by judging them. If we refuse to do it he has assured us he will.

As a believer, it’s our duty to live in the light exposing every area of darkness as we follow Christ Jesus.

The sad fact is that not every believer will do it. Some will decide to hold on to the sin. Others will choose to believe a lie that they have no secret sins.

The wise however, will wage war with the enemy exposing secret sins to the light of God, thus growing brighter as they are transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.

Are you willing to expose your secret sins?

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According to the definitive Word of God in Romans 3:23 “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” and the penalty for that is death. God has given us a precious gift through his loving grace.

Overcome Secret Sins is a challenge for us to live lives of righteousness out of appreciation and gratitude for God’s unmerited favor towards us. Certain sins are harder to overcome than other sins! However, with the help of Holy Spirit and the anointing grace of God victory is assured. 

We at Overcome Secret Sins would like to be your partner as you pursue victory through Christ Jesus. Here you will find challenges, thoughts of the day, devotionals, and other resources designed to help you face and overcome anything that has ensnared you in a yoke of bondage.

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