Challenge Day 10

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2

To conform is to comply with the laws, rules or standards of a person or entity.  It is operating in a way that is acceptable or that meets the standard of body. When the Bible tells us not to conform to this world, it is referencing the standard of the world. The social pressures, the laws, and the rules of the world that are in conflict or opposition to the law or standard of God.

We have all given in to compromise at some point in our lives. We have rationalized that taking a company pen or stapler is not stealing since they do not pay me enough for the job that I do. Or we have remained silent when we saw someone cheat on a test because we did not want to be labeled a snitch.

In those simple acts, we chose to conform to the standard of the world. We elevated the worlds view above the kingdom view. Today we must decide if we want to continue to allow the world to shape our view or if we desire for Christ to do it.

Step 1

List the areas where you have allowed the world to dictate how you view things.

Step 2

List the actions that you plan to take to rectify the situation.

Step 3

Place a spiritual seal over your actions and establish the matter in the presence of God.

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Michelle Dyett-Welcome

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  • Michelle Dyett-Welcome January 27, 2017, 2:03 pm


    As I thought about this, HS reminded me of many areas where he had to change my mind and stance on issues because it did not line up with his.

    1. He had to remind me that I am not a democrate or a republican but a believer. And he delivered me from the political spirit so that I could follow his spirit in voting matters.

    2. He reminded me of when he changed my mind about abortion and showed me that it was murder and it did not up hold his values for he is a God of life.

    3. H.S. reminded me of my orginal stance on divorce. I was for it, believing that we could still remain “friends”. But He was not for it (because it was instituted because of the people Matthew 19:8) and I had to comply with his original standard so that I could experience the joys of marriage and learn to battle and stand my ground so that life could flow from his throne into our marriage.

    These are only a few instances where the standard of the world had to be demolished in order for the standard of God to be established in my life.

    Currently, it is the notion of forgetting. I forgive but I am being challenged to forget as God forgets. H.S. began working on me on this issue this week. So it is still new and fresh. However, as in the past I agree with his assessment and I consent to his standard being established in me.

    It is a challenge. However, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Praise the Lord!

    Thank you HS for your lessons are always live giving amen!

  • Mary Ball January 27, 2017, 12:46 pm

    Good to ponder.

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