Overcome Secret Sins Challenge Completion

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Bless the Lord!

You have completed the 15 day Overcome Secret Sins Challenge. However, the real challenge is one that lasts a lifetime. With the help and guidance of Holy Spirit you will identify more secret sins and you will be challenged to remove them from your members!

As you trust and rely on the Lord you will be made into a new creature, one that views things as God does. Your mind will be renewed as your heart is enlightened and changed by the power of God. 

We believe that God has great things in store for you! It is our earnest prayer and hope that you will achieve greatness in God as you undergo a spiritual transformation which only he can bring about.

Future challenges will include:

One Small Change

Battling for the Light

Crucifixion Challenge

Mustard Seed Challenge

The Total Restoration Challenge

Spiritual Diseases of the Unbridled Tongue Challenge

Understanding the Power of God’s Word Challenge

We hope that you will join us as we overcome our secret sins and battle to establish the light of God in our lives and in a darkened world!

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