Let My Words Abide in You!

Let My Words Abide in You!


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If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. John 15:7

Will you Abide in Me?

There are many believers who are struggling with health challenges in this season. I am one of them. The enemy is trying to use our health in order to sift us from oneness in the Lord. While God is using it as a test to see whether or not we will abide in him. Whether or not we will allow his word to abide in us.

Abide in Me

The words of John 15:7, reveal what is necessary for us to obtain what God has provided and desires for us. We must remain totally and completely connected to him. That means emotionally, mentally, in our judgments, pronouncements, physically, socially, medically, financially, and in every other way. We must remain steadfast in the Lord.

Let My Words Abide in You

Furthermore, his words are to abide in us. To abide is to remain. It is to make God’s word the place we go to, the place we stay, the place we are kept.
God’s word is what will keep us from perishing. It is what will cause us to endure and survive. It will keep us from becoming food for the enemy or being captured by him and borught into captivity.

Day of Recovery

Today is a glorious day, for each of us has an opportunity to repent if we have wandered away from God because of medical reports, doctors counsel, the statements of friends or relatives, because of health challenges, vain imaginations, or because our emotions have carried us away.
Today we can reaffirm our desire to abide in the Lord. We can pray for the words of the Lord to abide in us! Words written in Bible or words spoken by Holy Spirit to our hearts and acknowledged in our minds.


Oh gracious Lord, I thank you for your word which is able to keep me, deliver me, and heal me. Let your words abide in me. Cause them to be deeply rooted in my heart. Cause them to spring forth with the newness of life and vitality. Lord, ensure that the words I embrace are true and that they flourishes within me by your spirit. Then Lord allow sustaining words of faith to flow from my mouth so that all that I ask will be done for me according to your word. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
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